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Restructuring the church

Destructuring the Structure

Today and for centuries the church has been bound to human, religious and organizational structures. These, instead of helping hinder God’s work. This motivates many of us to quickly express that it is necessary to de-structure the church, or that the church must leave every structure. To be honest and objective, we must say that this is part of the truth, but it is not the whole reality. Well, the church must leave the current religious structure and submit to the biblical structure, arranged by God. Reflected and revealed by the Holy Ghost, in the biblical writings of the New Testament. We must say that in no way is this an administrative structure, let alone bureaucratic. It is not a rigid and static structure, but charismatic and dynamic. Restructuring the church.

Restructuring the church

The structure of the church is like a scaffolding that is used in such a way that it allows, facilitates and somehow enhances the building, life and development of the church. Therefore, there is a time when such scaffolding must be removed or moved from place so that it does not hinder the continuation of the work. Sometimes the structure is so large and so rigid, with such a strong character, that it becomes the most important thing and everything else goes to the background. In many other cases the structure takes on such prominence that it is necessary to create programs to feed and sustain it. Everything happens around her.

Further restructuring of the church is necessary. Review these things in each congregation, to achieve optimal functionality, and to be within the plans established by the Church Builder, Jesus Christ.

Who’s the builder?

Actually, the latter is the first thing we need to change. Jesus said«I will build my church»(Mt 16:18) and also the scriptures reveal that we are «God’s fellow-workers«(1 Co 3.9). But in practice we often have this upside down; we pretend to be the builders and ask God to help us, to bless our ecclesiastical plans and programs.

Occasionally we have a church structured in a business, humanistic and verticalist way. And other times, also pyramidal, rigid, with inaccessible and untouchable leaders, to the extent that they are almost revered by their adherents. A structure based and centered on men.

In many cases, the structure is made up of liturgy, activism and programs. Based on an excessive templism-center. Where the church only goes through its centralized activities in the hall, often revered, such as «house of God» or «sanctuary».

On certain occasions, we have received light from the Lord and have the principle of revelation, but in practice it is very difficult to make the necessary changes. The structure is so strong that it becomes extremely difficult to make adjustments. These changes cannot be done with our human strength, nor with programs, because again we would be falling into structures that are not suitable.

Restructuring the church

For this reason, today more than ever we need the ation of the Lord, his grace, and his wisdom in order to make the necessary changes towards a restoration of the church. As the prophet Isaiah expresses, we need this heavy burden removed from us, and for the yoke to rot with ation.

«And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall depart from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed by reason of fatness.» (Is 10.27)

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